indoor aquaponics vs kratky hydroponics p2

Here’s the 2nd installment on the indoor aquaponcs vs kratky hydroponics. They are both doing quite well.However I think the hydro is edging out the competition.
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Here’s the link to the products I am using in this experiment:
They all can be found on amazon.

canna nutrients on amazon

On the masterblend nutrients you need to add the calcium nitrate and the magnesium sulfate to the mixture. Its a little more complicated then the canna but it still works well.
Here is a link to a video that gives a very good description of how to do with the mix ratios and everything

Masterblend nutrients
calcium nitrate
Magnesium sulfate
2 inch net pots
3 inch net pots
cfl light bulbs

If you decide to purchase through these links I will make a small commission. Thanks

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